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what I will miss the most (AB=love)

Yah! Everyone's already doing their TEARJERKING yet hillarioius posts on pre-graduation drama :) Well, for one, I would do mine too! Pero before anything else I would want to extend my gratitude to my ALMA MATER and the people whom touched my life (in one way or the other). My heart will forever throbs U-S-T and beats A-B-A-B-A-B.... :) **sobs**

I just recently viewed Jenny's page kaya I came up with my roster, as well . Hope you'll bear with it and 4JRN3 this I hope could somehow inculcate how blessed I am to have met you all--you opened up a different world, one that is stripped off of my identity. I became devoid of my emotions (and then renewed) because of you... I earnestly thank you since (those whom I love and hate) you all made me STRONGER (to the enth power)... GOODLUCK SA ATIN

20. foods (the tastes I will not forget)

I will surely miss foodtripping in Asturias and pigging out at Jollibee, McDo, KFC, and Wendy's. This melodramatic vibes I am getting right now whenever I recall of good times and bad times while I was eating at such places is what made me realize that I grew because of my STUDYING HERE IN UST

I know that whenever I would eat at KFC I would always recall the times I ate with Mau and the gang--and even those moments I got to spent with Madie and Arene (I just don't know if they would recall).

Basta All I know is that during the Experimental Psych days kagroup ko sila Madie  HAHA! I can't forget that since there is a big UAAP game that day and poor us we were CRAMMING all the way (yah baby!).

My P.E. days with Madie, Clara, Dez, and Arene are memorable since we always munched at Jollibee or McDo right after the games. Those precious moments are engraved deep in my mind. Pieces 'yun ng memoir ko of my lampa-days  ('di ba mama arene?).

I won't also forget the time when Mau, Angge, and I ate at Wendy's (late at night). We were still doing tons and tons of editing (and I guess Jai and Scent were there too), tapos we ran out of places to pig out, Wendy's na lang kaya lamon to the max kami nun!!! harharhar

I would not also forget eating with Luis and Ruben (since this rarely happens). We would either eat at Jollibee or dun sa murang siomai house. I guess that siomai house earned a fortune since lage kaming naglalunch dun... **smirks**

Anyways, as I was saying I would forever cherish the tastes of foods when I was eating  happily and lonely. I would always replay the episodes in my life wherein the most delicious street foods offered by Asturias tasted like shit. I would never forget the times when Wendy's frosty don't do justice to my feelings and cheer me up. I guess eating at UST has been a necessity and outlet for me.

This is the reason why from this day onwards eating at Jollibee, McDo, KFC, Wendy's, and even at street food stalls would be different--would be nostalgic... **ohhhh.... tears tears tears**

19. places (the spots I will always remember)

During my entire stay at UST seven places marked a great difference in my college life: AB building, Central Library, OSA (main bldg. or TYK), lover's lane, church, pavillion, and carpark. However, I would discuss AB in a separate subheading since it is filled with lots and lots of bittersweet memories.

Memories of my stay in the Central Libraray includes: researches, novel reading, eating, sleeping, and thesis writing. I spent four grueling years in UST and in this library for my relaxation and studying. I sleep here better than in my house (trust me on this), but I really haven't figured out why...

Being a scholar, on the other hand, madew me feel like OSA is a second home for me. I am very grateful to all the staffs and my superiors there, especially to Maam Jo when I was just starting out. Maam Songco was a kind and TRUE soul--she does not break her promises and she communicates well to her students, that is ther eason why I got fixated in staying at the office during those times. When the office transferred to TYK (and new sets of superior came) I felt quite unhome, but later on my worries were eased out. I learned to feel at home in the foreign office I resided for almost two years.

Haha, this one you may find intriguing. One of the most memorable places in UST for me is the lover's lane. YES!!! hehehe. Sino ba naman ang hindi mahihiwagaan sa sabi-sabing may pagpuputang nagaganap dun at may kakaibang kilig na hatid ang nasabing lugar? Isang misteryong hanggang ngayong palaisipan--na baka dala lamang ng halina at karisma ni Benavides? HAHAHA! Three reasons why I love the place: 1. it is always beautiful during PASKUHAN; 2. I had most of my PHOTOJOURN shots here; 3. me and Francis kissed under the moonlight in this place on our very first (and last) Valentine's date when I was still and freshie.

Now, I must also mention of the UST chapel as one of the most endearing places here in UST. This church has been my fortress--whenever I'm lost I find myself in this chapel kneeling and praying. Whenever I am defeated with every battle that come across me I regain my power inside this place. Apart from whispering my agonies and letting my tears all fall down (from my burdens and incapabilities) this church has also served as a bridge to my relationship with Francis. Hearing him say how much he loves and cherishes me inside a church as tears accumulate in the corner of his eyes was just a classic. I cannot forget the day he was praying hard and pressing my hands. He was thanking the Lord for giving me to him and for making our relationship possible. He was trusting God with everything left for the both us to tackle--he was embracing the FAITH HE NEVER HAD BEFORE. And that was the best suprise he ever gave me.

Well, ebough with the mushy feelings. hehehe. Mahalaga rin ang  AB pav at carpark sa akin... Isn't the following scenario familiar?

(text message from friend)

uy dito na me pav jan na ba kayo?

(o di naman...)

ay sa pav na lng tau kita l8r, k?

(eto pa...)

san na kau?

(ang reply)

d2 sa carpark punta ka na now/ d2 carpark sunod na lang kayo...

These are the usual barkada and group gatherings. Whetehr for researches or for plain hanging-outs, gasgas na ang pav at carpark sa mga taga-AB na tulad ko--na tulad natin

<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<to be continued>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Dreams are made reality

"Dreams are today's answers to tomorrow's questions," said Edgar Cayce.

Dreaming is one of the most amicable abilities of the human race. Everyone dreams, some may reject this idea, but the mere fact that one is thinking of himself can already be considered as a DREAM STAGE. Hence, the act of dreaming is explicitly present in us. Within us we have these desires--desires which we long for are dreams. For one, I desire to be rich, filthy rich. I want to own my DISNEYLAND, want to have my own McDonald's right inside my house, and want to build an enterprise more powerful and larger than Microsoft or Playboy. Yes, these were my desires four years ago (when I was just in my high-school years), and until now I still desire of these three--although I no longer concentrate on achieving them, since I am more preoccupied with other significant activities and rationalizations.

I guess as people age maturity bears as well. This might be the rationale why many of our childhood and "childish" dreams are dissipating one by one. Now, I am thinking of other dreams and building my own future. I no longer think of my McDonald's and Disney Land. I only think of getting a stable job, earning a lot (but no longer a gazillion-dollar-earning dream), building a house, and studying further.

Notice that my dreams delimited in a span of four years. As soon as I experienced the "adult life," or got an itsy-bitsy taste of it, I started to consider the PROBABILITY and POSSIBILITY of achieving my dreams versus my DESIRES. I am no longer childlike but I still strive to get rich--minus the persistent perseverance for my own McDonald's and Disney Land. Now, I am scavenging for resources to fulfill my PRESENT dreams.

Yes, inch by inch I am becoming more realistic and practical. Ideas are fleeting far away—away from my grasp, away from my sight. Perfection is no longer a dream, nor a goal, for me. Writing and earning has taught me to be closer to reality.  Now, I see myself not as the perfect being who can emerge victorious without any challenges, but as a mortal wounded by trials and strengthened by faith. My wings are all clipped out, and I no longer fly nor soar above the sky—I only walk, walk, and walk. I stride closer to my dreams and strive for happiness.

I am quite fascinated how my dreams answered future questions--quite confused? Well, don't be! Before I dreamt of becoming the richest person on Earth, beating the hell out of Bill Gates and the Brunei royalties, but now I know that my dreams before are impossible to achieve—not unless I would come across a brilliant idea, fuel this idea and invent something useful for the entire human race. My questions before were: 1. When would I achieve these dreams? 2. How would I achieve them? Clearly, I had no concern as to the difficulties of achieving them.

Four years went by fast. I started to assume a responsibility in our family. Helping my mama in her needs—providing for them, earning for them. Meager—that is all that I can say. My wage is really small. Immediately, my dreams of yesterday were shattered, all at once.

Today, I hope that my present constructed dreams would shed light (positively) on my tomorrow’s queries. I only have so little time to achieve my dreams—and on top of that responsibilities get in the way. I may not become the richest person on Earth—but I will surely be successful in conquering my present dreams. I WILL and I CAN!!!

Insanity's one string close

If there is anything troubling me at the moment it will probably be my sanity. Once again, I am starting to be the "old gloomy Queennie." I really never get it why I just blankly stare at the white board (or the ceiling) at school and just randomly talk to people, then begin silencing myself again. I am not really in control of what I am feeling right now--it is fine with me that I need to put up with all the pressures GOD is giving me. I am in fact delighted that He is taking His time up, and paying enough attention to make me boggle and shatter my thoughts.

I am loving what I am feeling right now, and I guess this is the first time that I get to ignore others thoughts and just feel the pain within. I endure everything, small cuts inside my heart. I enjoy imbibing every tiny teardrop flowing from my eyes. I love eating my heart out, and sucking up all the pain deep within. I guess I am just a lost soul right now. I really don't know why I am into this "melodrama" effect right now. Still i am trying my best to hold on to that single string of sanity, and patiently doing my best to prevent it from snapping.


Pardon me for what i am about to right (cause right now I am no longer using my brain, but just simply putting everything into this entry). Today, is just another plain day for me--nothing much to do, and nothing much to bother. Haven't really given enough thought on what i am actually experiencing right now. Why the sudden loneliness inside? Why sadness? Why feel so tired? All of these questions are in need of answers, and sadly up to now i cannot dig into the solutions.


I guess I am a weed growing up so quickly right now. Perhaps, I am just enamored with the successive philosophical realizations I am pondering on. I did not realize that philosophy would have a great impact in my life. Ever since we studied Kantian theory on Ethics, I became more critical in my actions--analyzing everything and this perhaps started my sudden delight into self-checks. With today's lecture on Utilitarianism, I get to feel more and more the need and urge to analyze my personality. Well, I think it's about time since I haven't had self-criticisms since ages.

I get to see the point in the discussion this afternoon--that purity of pleasure and pain are considerations in assessing what is good for the members of the community. I was confused, and I believe I still am, with the exact difference of fecundity and purity. Well, they seem pretty much one and the same if you will not carefully examine them--BUT THEY ARE DIFFERENT. 

Through laying deep thoughts into these, I then started to see the wrongful implication of goodness and happiness. Perhaps, utilitarianism is the correct method to be used to assess decisions which would lead to my happiness or pain. I cannot just think of myself, right? Therefore, I should also consider the pleasures of others, before pursuing mine. This basic line of thinking struck me.

I suddenly felt that silencing myself overrating people would approach me and talk to me must, in one way or another, be judged and assessed according to Kantian's and Bentham's precepts. These moral guidance, shattered the solidified serenity within me. Everything now seems piquant, and I can't help but just let myself be dead serious crazy!!!  



Why am I blessed?

There came some times in my life that the only thing I did worth remarking is to complain--complain on how difficult my life is, on how I feel tired of all the pressures, and how to live my hell-day everydays. These days were one of the darkest days of my life, and I honestly admit that these were also the times that made me feel battered, alone, and suicidal. I cannot put my faith into a single thing whenever I get disappointed by the bad luck I have to bear each horrible day. These  days were responsible in making me believe that I am punished for something I don't know. I was actually overlooking on the greatest gifts GOD was giving me.

To some this may sound corny and cheesy, but I am so happy today for I know He is always beside me. Never came a day that He let me down. I am so blessed, especially now, with the simple gifts He is providing for me. Now, I canf reely say that I am indeed a beloved daughter of God, and that He is indeed always by my side (supporting me all the way).

I guess this is exactly what the world needs now--and everybody, as well. Our perception makes us who we are right now and molds us into believing in things that we ought not to believe. Have I counted the gifts He has given me? Or am I just asking for more?

Being me, I do believe, is the hardest part of my life. Everybody bears problems and suffers tragic events in their lives, but me my life has been predestined to be a great tragedy--one wherein the plot-structure is absurd rather than complex. If I will have the time to choose, well I would want to trade with others. I want them to suffer as well, and to feel what I am feeling now.

I want people to realize how lucky tey are that they are not me. Also, I want to convince myself that my life is worth living after cruelties and responsibilities. Now, I am receiving graces and I don't feel that burdened anymore being the bread winner of the family, as mom would always put it. I don't want to complain on my obligations as their daughter. I am not hating my father for making me live this oh-so great life of mine. I don't find it hard working, being a scholar, and studying.You know what, I want to believe all of these. I really do, but please teach me how. 

I know how graces are passed down to me and I, on my part, assume my position as the head of the family. There even came a time when I said to my prof before how sick I am living my life. How terrified I am to face other obligations that I think would not only provide grave pressure, but would also jeopardize my family.

Even up to now I feel that very pain, every single day. I even don't know how to fake my smiles and jokes whenever I'm at school. I don't know how I can ever let myself free from worries, hate, and madness. But you know what, I feel relived after the succumbing pain that itches my heart. By some miracle my anxiety is mitigated by one grade. That would do for now. That is what I am holding on, as of the moment. That is what fuels my last string of sanity--my belief in Jesus and His helping hand pushing me atop these predicaments.   

Learning to breath

If there is a thing I hated most it is fighting with Francis and loosing my guilt-filled pride. I don't quite know how to deal with our situation now. I know that i've been failing him, as his girlfriend. I am fully aware that hell yeah I've been a complete jerk in the past months. "How can you make me feel like this. SUSPENDED.  Ano ba ako?" Know what, such words were heart piercing. I can feeel the hurt in him whenever I turn him down. I know that he feels tired of me hiding our relationship. I know that he wants more time with me, and that I can never give.

Am I indeed being unfair? Should I just call everything, between us, off? Perhaps I am not GOD at all. Maybe I am lost. Now, all I know is that my feelings for him are strong, but  actions supporting such  imbued intense love aren't present. Can a relationsip like ours last? Can  my words  be  believable for him?  Will he still trust and believe me?

These are just some of the questions bothering me since yesterday. To some I guess they will just say that there's no problem at all, but I am guilty. Guilty of not paying him enough attention.

I am flawed, I know. Just wish he'll be ready to talk to me again. These past days we barely talk because i'm busy with my OJT. He on the other hand busied himself by applying for a work, he luckily  got  accepted.  I am happy because of that,  but I am also sad because I know that he is already starting  to  give me  a taste of  what  I'm doing to him.  I just hope he is not after vengeance.  ::sigh::

Now, there's no other way but to learn how to breath. How to breath without him... ::sob::

What's wrong with the military now?

The military or the armed forces is the protector of this land. Military forces fight for our country's survival against international terrorism threats and insurgencies in-land. They serve us the country's force against terror and are a statemen's savior. Nothing I can contest to their very patriotic deeds and responsibilities, but how sure are we that these very forces who swore to defend us will not harm us?

While browsing the INQUIRER I came across an article, 'Child warrior or child victim?', and for no reason at all I suddenly felt disgust over the soldiers in Mindanao who went on shooting a girl in the head. Surely they are under serious missions against the NPAs and the named "notorious" MNLF, which by the way is said to have killed two marines and a teenage civilian. We all know how threatening and evil the deeds of such groups are but isn't the military supposed to do their actions not based on their instincts but through thorough planning? Am I missing something if I am thinking that military operations are well organized and maneuvered?

Surely our military knows maneuvering so much that the same tactic was used to cover up their flaws and idiotic actions. I am really sympathizing with the family of Gracil because not only did they lose their beloved angel, but also the victim and her father was even suspected of being NPAs. How dumb can the military get? 

I am so disappointed for i have been believing that the military officials are smart. Well, i guess i've been blinded.

Gracil, 9, could have been a nurse or a doctor according to her mother, Pacita. Things could have changed the lives of their poor family if Gracil's dream would come true. However, now that everything has been broken down into pieces and the hearts of her relatives have been torned, no hope for the family now. Gracil is a very bright girl. She even got three awards from her school (most neat, most clean, and with honors). It is very heart-breaking that a bright girl like her will no longer be seen by people.

What is even alarming is how the military planted evidence according to Kelly Delgado of the Karapatan Southern Mindanao. 

The girl who was caught in a crossfire (according to the military) was first reported to be an 11-year-old boy. Isn't this enough proof of how information is not dissiminated CORRECTLY and TRUTHFULLY by the military? Several people from the village including the chair testified that the family can never be associated to the NPA. 

Although the family helped a rebel (clothed him and feed him), for me, it is not just to shot a little girl then blame her and her father because you thought they were combatants. There is no grounds for such inhumane action. There is no patriotism in that. There is definitely no security in that. 


Four days of what?!?

DAY 1 (APRIL 9, 2007)


During my first time inside the wire agency I get to meet Sir Jayson, one of the three editors, and my co-trainees. Two of them are from UP, Gladdys and Weng, another is from UST, Valerie. That day was the "orientation day." We were taught on how life works inside the office, how to use the AFP console (which by the way is way cooler than websites), and how imporatant being versatile is. imagine the TV here in turned on and so is the radio, plus the newspapers (both local and foreign, like the Herald) are stacked for us to record in the AFP control and (of coursE) for us to read.

I was happy to get to know my co-trainees and practice the console. First article I did was about the crashing of Singson's chopper. Sir Jayson taught us that in reporting news which mentions places, unfamiliar to foreign readers, the location by kilometers away from the country's capital, must be included. Not only that, such measurement must also be converted in miles. So that countries which do not use the American standard of unit may very well relate to the figure of the distance mentioned in the article.

I was tasked to do the entire thing in 15 minutes, including the transcription. but that wasn't very difficult, though.

We were told that only three persons per day are allowed to work as trainees in AFP, thus a dilemma occured. We all want to work everyday but, we must comply with the editor's demand. So, we split the days of the weeks and came up with our schedule (which will be changed for three times *wink*). 

That day ended with all four of us (me, Howie, Glad, Weng, and Val) starving and dehydrated.

DAY 2 (APRIL 1O, 2007)


This day marks my first coverage. I was tasked to cover the MAPHIL-LAUT joint military exercises at the office of the Philippine Navy in MANILA BAY. Ayun! Everything was perfect that day, except one thing, Howie forgetting his ID. I was then left without a choice but to leave him outside. I really wanted to cover the event though I am hoping to cover that event with Vincent. *sob*

Capt. Bacardo approached us, me and Glad, with all his smiles like some kind of a happy dad. I must admit though that I was definitely scared with his "friendly" gesture. The MAPHIL-LAUT exercises according to the persons we've interviewed is an annual CBM (confidence building measure). We get to listen to their idealistic views, get to eat a lot of food, and get to pest a navy officer (just forgot his name, so sorry).   

After about two hours we headed back to Makati to do the story and it took us a long time because our records sucked! After one and a half hours we finished the entire thing and before five Sir Cecil finished editing. 

That day will forever be a part of my memento since it was my first coverage, but know what even made that day unforgettable? It's when an official asked for my number! How perverted that act can get?! Am I being conceited? I guess not! because he was right there and then inviting me, like a DOM, to cover their exercises as well. And when i said "Sorry po pero pinababalik na kaming office eh, we got the story na. thanks po Sir anyways" he just replied, "ah ganun ba.sayang naman", then i answered " Ah uu nga po. and even if we were allowed to go on further I don't have my camera with me, 'tas wala na rin sila Sir Jay." Know what he said?! "Hayaan mo daan na lang tayo mall bili tayong digicam." 

Is he freaking out of his mind. Then he tried to get my number but I "POLITELY" rejected giving my number to him with so many excuses. 

Are men in uniform perverts?!!! I can only say one thing, eventhough he is around 30s he still is a dirty-old-man.

DAY 3 (APRIL 12, 2007)

I honestly got disaapointed when i found out that we won't be making by-lines and stuffs like that. According to my co-trainee, Gladdys, "depende kasi sa editor and sa newspaper kung iiinclude pa yung name natin, or ilalagay na lang as AFP." I saw the names of my classmate and I feel bad that I won't being seeing mine. yes, our articles will be reaching foreign papers but without our names in it at least.

I am not after the publicity but i am just sad for I won't be seeing my name in the paper but i will be seeing my "fruit of labor." 

This day was AFP's bonding day. Since AFP is after the BIG NEWS which would influence foreign countries, we were left with nothing much to do inside the office. Earlier that day, thoug, i was tasked to do an article on Mike Arroyo. After submitting and after they've checked on it then another development came around 9:30 a.m. so I did another story, then afterwards they used what I've writen and created another angle regarding the trip of GMA.

We ate in Binondo that day, sa DELICIOUS, treat ni Sir Jayson.

Nothing much to tell I am really off and laid back.

DAY 4 (APRIL 13,2007)


We were tasked to read, review, and make an article on two Pulse Asia press releases. We finished both (first one regarding Filipinos being worse off now than three years ago and the other is about value of including birth control in the natinal budget). After twenty minutes we were tasked to call on people in the stock market, analysts per se. After interviewing them, on phone we did a story on teh stock market and it landed on Manila Standard's business section, today! 

Me, Val, and Glad did the story and Sir Cecil looked up on it. Fulfilling day it was!


A Taste of AFP

Today is my fifth day in AFP. Nothing to do much this day because there isn't much in the news. I was asked to do a news on the recent medical bulletin of FG. God! Buti naman i was able to do some writing. Feeling ko kasi because I haven't written anything "big" or even written anything important, well at least for my personal moral uplifting, eh i am not that good of a writer. Seeing the articles of my classmates in the Philippine Star, I admit, makes me nutts.

I really feel bad pero I think everything will be okay naman eh. I have no company today, I am refering to my co-trainees, that's why i am kind of BORED. I wish i was with one of my friends. I guess all of them busy. Here in AFP writing news is something BIG. We aren't allowed kasi to just write police beats. The company settles for BIG SCOOPS. News which would create an impcat to the international community, now that limits our resources. Let's face it not every news reported on TV and in papers are that big-a-deal. Often news are so local. 

I am not sure if i'll be published often, lalu na strict sila dito and there are editors and stringers who are writing news as well. God! And dami naming kakumpitensya. Worse better pa sa amin! *tsk, tsk, tsk*


A Very Long Day

Hay! Been to the Barangay Bureau and goodness I never thought that there would be so many people. I was crushed! Literally!!! 

::curse those people::

Anyways I am currently enjoying the computer and I am loving the Christmas break. Wow!!! Ang saya-saya talaga though I went to a very difficult day--A VERY LONG DAY.


Ever wonder why our country never prosper? Well, I've always lent a cent or0 two, just to ponder my thoughts, to be able to understand why a blessed country like ours must be undergoing such tragic sufferings. You? Have you ever asked such questions? It was not until earlier today that i get to conclude why we are in deep shit. Kainis!!! Kasi naman FILIPINOS din ang may kasalanan. I know some will never agreee with this arguement, but the hell with those who won't. Basta clear na sa akin kung ganu kawalang disiplina ang mga tao! 

Imagine yourself trying to catch a line so as to get an application form. 'Di ba you'll be thinking of the proper way of getting the shitty form??? Eh in reality things happen in the opposite pole. Imbes na maghintay at maging disiplinado ay naku napakagulo pa kamu ng mga Filipino. No wonder why our country suffers! Wala kasing disiplina! Hindi makaintindi ng tama at mali! Hindi makaisip ng paraan na maayos, 'yung hindi makapanlalamang sa kapwa!

Worse we have this strange and annoying attitude of blameswitching! Yeah that's right! Blameswitching!!!

We only see the bad in other people before we focus in our own flaws. Sabagay mas madali nga naman pa lang mamintas ng tao kaysa mamuri. Aba HUMAN NATURE DAW IYON!!! Well sorry but I beg to disagree. 

There are quite a number of ways to perceive things in a different angle. There are so many ways to see our own misgivings, as to why this cpountry is in deep shit. Why do we always blame others for our mistakes? Why always put the fingers on CORRUPT POLITICIANS? For all we know they are knowledgeable for such little things--graft and corruption. Little? Yeah you heard me right! Do you really believe that if all corrupt officials will vanish into thin air our country will then prosper? 

Guys, even if corruption is eliminated in the system, and in the face of Earth, there are still a lot of things the need immediate action and recognition. Bakit hindi muna natin tingnan ang ating mga sarili? Aren't we assholes? Wala ng magmamalinis! Wala ng magtuturo at maninisi! We contibute to the detructin of this coutry. Kung 'yung mismong simpleng pagpila, pagtatapon, at paghihintay ay hindi magawa, eh anu pa kaya ang iligtas ang bansang ito.

Imagine those people, in the Barangay Bureau, today were all grabbing each other so as to get ahead and be done! What they don't know is that their lack of discipline causes tons of "casualties." Tulad kanina muntik ng himatayin 'yung ale kasi naman ang iipit 'yung mga tao. Ayaw nilang tawagin silang squatters, well like act differently. POVERTY IS NEVER AN EXCUSE TO MISBEHAVE!


Ramblings and advice

Hehehe. Good day! Just finsihed my lunch. I ate at CHOWKING with VJ, a co-scholar, and now I'm here in the office seconds before it opens. Excited ako to write this entry kasi naman eh I'm very tired na and if what I've been hearing is true baka nga magkaroon ng suspension ng classes. Sana si Sir sumama sa UST-FU christmas party. Hehehe. 'Cause it will definitely mean NO CLASSES.

I came across with HOWIE's post! I hope sana lang wag sya masyadong mafrustrate and sana wag nya masyadong isisi sa sarili nya. Ako, alam kong maraming galit sa mga classmates ko but I believe na they don't have any right to feel such agony. Hopefully everything will be resolved ayoko kasing magkagulo ang class ng dahil lang sa ganoong kaliit na bagay.